The Spray Foam Insulation Barrie Relies On

Spray foam can help you save money and feel good about your carbon footprint, as it has proven to be very energy-efficient. It also adds significantly to the strength of your walls and holds your roof sheathing in place.

Energy Savings Over the Years

Easy to apply, spray foam is fast replacing pink fibreglass insulation for homes because of the way it retards heat loss. It can cost 3 times more to install, but you’ll notice that you’ve made up the initial cost through energy savings within 5 years – and the savings continue year after year, since spray foam won’t deteriorate.

Better Air Quality, Noise Reduction

Moreover, you won’t have contractors in your house for days on end. Spray foam requires only one application – no re-application required. You’ll notice better air quality (fewer airborne particles) and significant noise reduction as soon as Addmore Insulation installs your spray foam insulation. Spray foam serves as an insect and fire repellant, as well.

Free Estimates

While new construction is a perfect place to use spray foam, we have to admit the application can get fairly messy – but at Addmore Insulation, we respect your property and use every precaution to keep the mess contained. Call us for more details on spray foam insulation, and don’t forget your free estimate.

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